Breaking the Walls Tour

Breaking the Walls tour


On Saturday 20 October was the kick off of the Breaking the Walls tour.
The goal of this new version of the Residents Tours is to break through the invisible walls between the International neighbourhoods of The Hague. This in order to contribute to a more positive image of the International society in The Hague, and the creation of innovative neighbourhood-transcending networks.
We continue to build on the success formula of the Schilderswijk Residents Tour. Residents themselves accompany the tour participants and we try with the tours to make a modest contribution to the local economy. This happens, for example, by visiting a local shop-owner and we encourage tour participants to visit one of the restaurants in the neighbourhood.

During the Breaking the Walls tour, you might visit a mosque in the Schilderswijk, as well as a hockey club in Benoordenhout, and /or have lunch with a resident in the Statenkwartier. If it concerns the challenges within our International society, we have so much more in common as what separates us.
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